What is a ReflexoReiki session like?

Typically, before the first treatment, a health consultation is completed after which the first session lasts around 75 mins (the initial 15mins is used to devise a personalised treatment plan). Thereafter, a standard session lasts 60 minutes.


During the session, it is quite normal to experience extreme heat or cold, tingling, sleepiness, deep relaxation or total invigoration, and acute sensorial awareness - all while being in a semi-conscious state.  


Feelings vary from one person to another and, for any individual, from one session to another. 


Best to say, 

‘expect the unexpected’...

...a unique journey on each occasion.


...The effects of the experience...       

As with most therapies, there is no ‘quick fix’, the effect is cumulative. For sustainable results, the therapy is best experienced in 6 consecutive ‘treatments cycles’ (ideally, no more than one week between each treatment).              

Following the initial cycle, a maintenance programme can be tailored to meet individual needs.