What is ReflexoReiki®?
ReflexoReiki® grew organically as an expansion of Shermine & Pierre's 4-hand Reiki sessions.


Reflexology and Reiki are quite different therapeutic methodologies yet both are focused on rebalancing the body’s energy to induce a state of deep relaxation which provides a starting point for ‘healing’ to take place. The combination of both is very powerful.


To explain…


Reflexology targets specific points on the face, hands and feet to activate the central nervous system. You can choose to have a mix of facial and/or foot reflexology or, better still, leave it to your therapists to decide the best mix for you as an individual.


Reiki - derived from the Japanese Rei ‘Higher Intelligence’ and Ki ‘Life Force Energy’ - activates, through light therapist touch, the natural healing processes which restore physical, mental and emotional well-being.


And, for the ultimate experience, why not try Advanced ReflexoReiki


This therapy takes facial reflexology to another level with a strong cosmetic lifting of the face–a ‘natural,’ botox-free procedure–in combination with the restorative powers of Reiki.