ReflexoReiki® is a 4-hand therapy which combines facial and/or foot Reflexology with Reiki. 


This multi-dimensional treatment will take you on a personal journey to help you reclaim an overall sense of inner peace by giving you the ability to cope with the stresses of today’s life.

ReflexoReiki® was developed and eventually trademarked by holistic health practitioners Shermine Boustany & Pierre-Antoine Croset.

Treatments range from £130.00 to £150.00.

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Qualified Facial Reflexologist & Japanese Cosmo Lifting Sorensensistem TM, Foot Reflexologist, Nutritionist Consultant, Reiki Master

Shermine is an accomplished Reiki Master and a skillful foot & facial Reflexologist with a strong background in nutrition. Shermine has always believed in promoting wellness to help make a difference in people’s lives. She is fluent in English, French, Arabic, with a good understanding of Spanish. 

Qualified Reiki Master, Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner

Pierre believes that his empathetic approach and his strong desire to help alleviate people’s pain and nurture their wellbeing can happen through the power of the human “touch” & energy rebalancing work. In his previous background in the corporate world, Pierre witnessed the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety; this experience gave him the desire to set out on his current career.